Posted by: pizzainmotion | January 28, 2009

Vegas Traffic Tugging at Airlines’ Pocket

Interesting article in Las Vegas Review Journal.

Basically, the airlines pay to operate McCarran if there are any shortfalls. To save money as traffic continues it’s rapid decline, the airport is closing portions of the terminals during non-peak times, as well as consolidating airlines to allow for partial closures of certain terminals for extended periods of time.

Traffic was down almost 15% in November, and 7% overall in 2008.

Why does this matter to me?

In July there are plans to close the southeast wing of the D concourse, which would prompt relocation of American.”

I flew into and out of McCarran 25 times last year (thanks to Flight Memory for helping me with that number), all except one on American. So, I’m not too wild about getting uprooted, since they just cleared out all of the Southwest passengers from the security entrance I use, making it much easier to get through security.

What’s still kind of incredible to me is that Vegas traffic is down 7%. It really seems like more when you walk around town.

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