Posted by: pizzainmotion | January 31, 2009

The Latest Sign the Apocylpse is Upon Us

Here’s a link to a blog suggesting that USAirways should be giving more to the passengers who survived the crash of flight 1549 into the Hudson.

I mean, really. Are these people high? Barring some remarkable change that finds USAirways was negligent in some way, they owe these passengers nothing extra.


They’ve given each passenger $5,000 (DOT only requires that they compensate up to $3,300). They’ve given all the passengers a year of their top-tier status, Chairman Preferred.

Oh, almost forgot. The accident wasn’t their fault.

This may sound a bit harsh, but anybody who thinks they deserve more is either an idiot, or some sort of ambulance-chasing lawyer looking for an opportunity to sue someone.

That is all.

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