Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 7, 2010

Yankees Hurting

I’ve been pleased with the Yankees performance thus far this season, but we’re starting to run into injury issues.  See article here.

Andy Pettitte is going to miss his next start, which is pretty concerning, considering our lack of depth in pitching.  And, Nick Johnson is proving to be just as fragile as always.  The Yankees thought they could improve his durability by putting him in the DH.  So did I.  We were both wrong.

Why does the Pettitte thing concern me?  Because, if Javier Vazquez doesn’t pitch well in Detroit, I predict we’ll option him before the end of May.  I thought it was a bad idea to bring him back.  Once you’ve failed in NY as a pitcher, you don’t come back.  You just don’t.  Now, the Yankees have pulled him from starting in Boston on regularly scheduled rest, most likely because they’re scared he’ll blow up against a good team.  It’s probably the right move, but I’ve seen this movie before.

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