Posted by: pizzainmotion | September 8, 2010

400,000 Miles

Somewhere between Tucson and Dallas Fort-Worth today, I will reach 400K miles flown since I started tracking flights.  There are a bunch of flights from when I was a kid that I still haven’t gone back and researched, so I’m probably closer to 450K overall.  For those with a lot of free time on their hands, you can view my crazy stats at

It’s at least a bit ironic that I would hit the milestone while on a mileage run (well, a segment run).  Due to some canceled trips earlier in the year, I’m running behind on requalification.  And, because there wasn’t any overseas travel this year, I’m having to qualify by flying 100 individual segments.  So, when AA announced a flight sale two weeks ago, I purchased some cheap tickets to here and there, which should get me over the top.

Today’s flight was IAD-DFW-TUS-DFW-IAD.  I’ll only be in TUS for 30 minutes, but I think that should be enough time to see all 12 gates.  I was a bit worried I might miss my return flight, since we’re taking off from DFW late.  But, this is a turnaround flight (same plane for both flights), so pretty hard to leave me behind.  🙂

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