Posted by: pizzainmotion | February 26, 2012

3 Common Things You Can Earn Easy Miles Purchasing

Most of the major airlines have shopping portals.  I’m partial to American Airlines’ shopping portal. It used to be because the miles counted towards lifetime status.  Now, it’s probably force of habit.   I preach the value of these portals to family and friends, but their value really can’t be underestimated.  These are generally things you’re already buying.  It doesn’t cost a dime extra, just a few seconds to click through a shopping portal to the site you normally visit.  Here’s 3 quick ways to earn miles for everyday things:

If you have a magazine you’re looking to subscribe to or renew, how about 23 miles per dollar spent?

How about Chinese?  I’ve always liked P.F. Chang’s, so why not earn 2 miles per dollar spent?  Just register your credit card with the AAdvantage eshopping portal.

This one’s for my wife?  Like coffee.  How about Tassimo refills delivered to your doorstep with free shipping and 9 miles per dollar?

A quick look at the Tassimo pricing compares favorably to Amazon as long as you’re spending $30 to qualify for free shipping.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go earn some miles!

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