Posted by: pizzainmotion | March 2, 2012

American Airlines Announces More Legroom in Coach

I received an e-mail from American Airlines yesterday announcing that they plan to add more legroom to the first few rows of coach on all of their airplanes.  Read more about it on here.

AA used to have More Legroom Throughout Coach.  It was a big marketing push for them years ago.  They reversed that decision earlier in the last decade (roughly, 2005 IIRC).

I don’t think this affects me a ton.  It makes me marginally happier to fly in coach when I travel with my family, but I usually splurge for First Class anyway.  Over the last two years, my upgrade percentage on AA is over 99%.

But, this is a logical move for AA.  United has offered Economy Plus for over a decade now, and Delta recently added Economy Comfort.  I have no idea how much incremental revenue this generates, since Platinum and Executive Platinum fliers get this benefit for free.

But, hey.  At an upgrade percentage of 99%, I don’t really have a strong feeling about how they treat people in coach.  😀

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