Posted by: pizzainmotion | March 30, 2012

Grand Hyatt Denver Review – Continues To Impress In a Big Way

After a number of average stays at the Grand Hyatt Denver, I had moved all my stays to the Hyatt Regency down the street.  It was a more cosmopolitan hotel, and I enjoyed the restaurants/other amenities much more.  Due to a big rate difference a few weeks ago, I grabbed a one-night stay at the Grand to save some money and ended up having a great stay.

I was so impressed with the renovated club rooms that I booked a one-night stay this past week when the rates made sense to do so again.  Upon check-in, I was told that they had upgraded me from the club room I reserved to an executive suite.  At this property, the executive suites are nice rooms.  It’s a living room and office area with a completely separate bedroom.  The bathroom is bigger than the standard rooms as well.  While these are obviously much nicer than a standard room, I actually preferred the smaller room on the club floor, especially the rain shower head.  It’s the little things that make a life on the road more tolerable. 🙂

I’m sure I was the first person in a while that asked them to downgrade me to a club room from the suite they had me blocked in.  There aren’t very many renovated club rooms (just one floor), so I’m sure they were all full that night and the hotel had decided to upgrade me due to my Diamond status.  Again, most people would be thrilled.  But, I asked very nicely if there was any way to get just a regular room on the club floor.  The front desk agent handled my odd request well, but didn’t appear to have a lot of options with all the other club rooms occupied.

She asked me to be patient for a moment and stepped away to talk with one of the front office managers.  I know this gentleman from a previous event at the property, and he came over to greet me, recognizing me as well.  To my surprise, they chose to upgrade me to the Presidential Suite instead! Needless to say, I was more than pleased with the resolution, as I was only asking to be downgraded to a club room.

The Presidential suite turned out to be renovated in the same theme as the club rooms, which I really enjoyed.  Upon entering the room, I was greeted by a spacious living room with a wall of windows for plenty of natural light.  A top-notch sound system rounded out the room.

Adjacent to the living room was an inviting kitchen area as well as a desk with a computer on it.  I started working at the desk but didn’t find it terribly comfortable.  I prefer to spread out anyway and knew I’d be ordering some room service while I caught up on work.  So, I camped out on the table in the kitchen, which worked out perfectly.

The kitchen area had an espresso machine with whole beans and a grinder, a wine fridge, regular fridge, microwave and all the other standard accompaniments.

The bedroom area was laid out very similar to the other club room I’d stayed in. Plenty of lighting and plugs near the bed made it very functional.

The bathroom was a definite improvement over the standard club room (keep in mind I loved the club room bathroom).  While it’s not a feature I find myself using very often, the mirror did have a television for watching sports while you shave.

The bathroom was much larger than the standard club room, and contained both a large tub and a larger shower.

On top of the rain shower head I enjoyed so much last time, the shower also comes equipped with 4 body jets.  Awesome shower experience.  The only other Hyatt bathroom I can think of that I enjoy more is the Ambassador Suite at the Park Hyatt in Washington, DC.  One oddity here is that while the water got hot enough on the standard shower head and body jets, the rain shower head never really got warm enough.

I did have one interesting dish that was worth sharing a picture of.  It was an appetizer of crab sliders with bacon and a tomato aioli on challah, served with sweet potato fries.  I also had a smoked chicken and gouda pizza.  I’m sure neither of these helped my cholesterol level very much.

All in all, another enjoyable stay.  I wish the gym was a bit bigger, as even at 6:15 all the aerobic equipment was full.  But, other than that, a solid stay.  Rumors are that the hotel will start renovating the rest of the rooms late in the year.  Until then, as long as I can have a club room I’ll be happy.  No need for the Presidential, although it was truly appreciated!


  1. […] The front desk agent greeted me and apologized that my room wasn’t ready.  No expectation on my part, I was just hoping to get into my room in enough time to take a quick shower after a long transcontinental flight before my meeting.  She then replied that she was sending someone from housekeeping upstairs to inspect the suite they had for me (suite?) and hoped that I would be able to head up shortly.  Less than 10 minutes later she beckoned to me from where I sat in the lobby and offered to escort me upstairs to my room.  That wouldn’t be necessary, but I thanked her for the attention to the early check-in and headed upstairs to what turned out to be a very nice (and un-requested or reserved) suite.  From the hotel website description, it’s hard to tell whether this was an Executive or Emerald suite.  Both sound very similar and even share the same stock photos on the website.  It was no doubt one of the nicer suites I’ve received in a domestic US Hyatt and probably the second nicest Grand Hyatt room I’ve had in the US (next to the Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt Denver). […]

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