Posted by: pizzainmotion | April 14, 2012

A Quick Trip To San Antonio-Grand Hyatt San Antonio Review

19 hours in San Antonio.  I’d never been before, and was looking forward to seeing if the River Walk was as interesting as it had been described.  I’d be spending most of my time at a conference, but I figured I would have time for a brief visit to the River Walk and a few hours of sleep.

I was staying at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.  For my one night stay, I caught a mini-upgrade to a club room, which I assume is pretty much the same as a standard room, just on a higher floor.  The room itself was in good shape and furnished a bit more like a Regency than a Grand.

The room itself was perfectly fine, it just didn’t strike me as all that different from a nice Hyatt Regency.  The public spaces were definitely more fitting of a Grand.

The lobby was nicely appointed, and there was a nice Latin-themed bar just off the lobby.  While I didn’t have time to enjoy a meal, the menu looked really interesting.  They had some sushi-inspired small plates that I’m sure I would have enjoyed.

The Club was very welcoming, except for the fact that my key card wouldn’t open the door.  After finally gaining access, I was impressed with the spread of food available.  I’d say this was one of the better varieties I’ve seen in a domestic club that wasn’t a Ritz or Four Seasons.

The hotel also had a pretty sizable health club, with a full room of aerobic equipment and a separate room of weights and strength training.

Finally, I was able to walk to and from my meeting via the River Walk, about 15 minutes.  It was a beautiful day, and I really did enjoy walking alongside the river.  The hotel has a restaurant with riverside dining.  As I got further down the paths there were plenty of shops and restaurants.  While some were chains (Joe’s Crab Shack), I saw plenty of places that were local establishments.  No idea if the food was good, but I could see this being a fun place to spend a few days.  Maybe not in the middle of summer, but April seemed just fine.  Everything was very clean, and it made for an interesting walk.

Assuming I haven’t missed any in my tracking, San Antonio is the 78th airport I’ve visited.  I could see this being a fun place to spend a few days.  Maybe not in the middle of summer, but April seemed just fine.  Everything was very clean, and it made for an interesting walk.  I’m always up for visiting a new city, and happy to have added San Antonio to my list, if only for a few hours.

ETA:  This hotel also has a nifty FourSquare bonus.  If you check-in there for the first time and show your screen to the front desk agent, you’ll get 250 Hyatt Gold Passport points.


  1. Let me know if you ever get your 250 bonus – I never got mine (though it was at the Regency down the street). San Antonio is a fun city though. A couple days on the Riverwalk/Alamo and then a couple days out at a resort/SeaWorld/etc can be pretty fun. I agree that the middle of summer is a time to avoid, if possible. 😉

    • That’s the beauty of a Hyatt Private Line Associate. You just send someone an e-mail and they make sure it posts. 🙂

      Mine posted 24 hours later. Drop me a note and I’ll have my PLA get you your points. 😉

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