Posted by: pizzainmotion | April 17, 2012

Upgraded at Hyatt Regency Denver

I’ve probably booked a few hundred room nights at the Hyatt Regency Denver over the last couple of years, so the staff knows me pretty well.  I’m always treated very well by the staff, but I especially look forward to when the hotel is sold out.  They have to fill every room, which includes a number of top notch suites.  Depending on the groups in house (and how many VIPs they have), I’ve gotten my fair share of pretty awesome upgrades on nights where the hotel was at full capacity.  This past week, I had a one-night stay and ended up in a Cottonwood suite.  I’ve had one of these before, but don’t remember posting pictures.  So, here goes:

The living room is very spacious and comfortable.  There’s a fridge, sink and espresso machine.

The bedroom is fairly similar to the rest of the rooms on property, but with upgraded linens.

But where the rubber meets the road in this suite is the bathroom.  It’s huge, with a large walk-in closet.  There’s also a large shower, which I love, along with a great shower head.  The tub is pretty interesting as well, as the water fills from the ceiling.  It drops perfectly into the tub without really any splashing.  I didn’t take a picture of that this time, but I think I have an old one I’ll try to dig up at some point.

For properties I stay at frequently, Hyatt Regency Denver tops my list.  The suites are pretty awesome for a downtown hotel at the Regency level.  There are better Hyatt properties I’ve stayed at domestically (Park Hyatt DC and that awesome Ambassador suite, I’m looking at you), but Hyatt Regency Denver is still pretty high on my list.  It really should be the Grand in the neighborhood.

ETA:  As far as Starwood’s new suite guarantees for elites (which you only get to use 10 nights a year, 5 days out), you can keep it.  It’s only April, and I’ve already gotten a few upgrades from Hyatt that I wasn’t “entitled to” by the letter of the program.  A good number of SPG properties go out of their way not to upgrade people even when suites are available.  Hyatt is the exact opposite.  While I think the new suite benefit is an improvement over SPG’s old program, Hyatt has the proof in the pudding that they’re still head and shoulders above the competition.


  1. […] last week.  This is one of my go-to hotels for business travel, and I always seem to get some pretty cool upgraded rooms.  This time, the hotel was sold out, which generally means a nice room (more on that in a future […]

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