Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 1, 2012

787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT: Take-Off Footage

Going a bit out of sequence here, since I’m still finishing up my post on the meal service for the NRT-BOS leg of my trip.  Here’s a full list of Dreamliner posts from the last week:

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787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT:  Take-off Footage

Coming Soon: 787 Dreamliner NRT-BOS Meal Service With Pics

Coming soon: 787 Dreamliner Inaugural BOS-NRT Flight:  Something Most Women Would Enjoy Having For Their Husband/Boyfriend

The majority of what I’ve written about the 787 involves my experiences in the plane.  But, there were a whole bunch of people watching from afar.  This was a truly memorable experience in US aviation history.

A friend of mine caught some great shots of the landing from the roof of one of the parking garages at BOS.

We talked a few times while he was up on the roof (enjoying a bit of rain, mind you).  I’m sure it was pretty cool watching it from afar.  I definitely wish I could have done both.  He definitely captured the historical nature of the moment.

A good news story my friend recommended that also shows some external footage.

The end of the video, where the plume of rain is shooting up from the rear tires was pretty awesome looking.

A short youtube video showing the wet takeoff. (for the bit more impatient).


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  2. Thanks for the shout out and link to my blog as well as the link to the NECN news story. I hope all the readers liked the content, I know I enjoyed your trip report posts.

    • I think it was pretty cool to show both perspectives of the landing and takeoff. Like I said, I think it would have been cool to watch from the parking garage too. Well, except for the rain. And having to hang with Red Sox fans.

      • It would have been cool for you to roll video on the take off from inside the plane and I could have rolled on the outside, then matched up video in a split screen….the things a video professional thinks about.

        • A cool idea. Might have landed me in jail, but a cool idea nonetheless.

  3. […] 787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT:  Take-off Footage […]

  4. […] 787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT:  Take-off Footage […]

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  7. […] will be long before these issues are ironed out.  I’m still pretty geeked up about the 787, especially after my flight to Tokyo in April, so I’m glad to see the possibility of more travel on this game-changing plane coming […]

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