Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 3, 2012

787 Dreamliner Inaugural BOS-NRT Flight: Something Most Women Would Enjoy Having For Their Husband/Boyfriend

Links to previous Dreamliner inaugural posts:

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787 Taking Off

787 BOS-NRT in Flight

787 Windows

787 BOS-NRT Inaugural Flight-Meal Service

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787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight: NRT-BOS

787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight BOS-NRT Gift Bag

787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT:  Take-off Footage

787 Dreamliner NRT-BOS Meal Service With Pics

Barring me having forgotten something, this is the last in the series of Dreamliner posts.  I’ve got a bunch of Tokyo posts to catch up on, which I’ll start later in the week.

But, I couldn’t resist posting this short video from the Dreamliner, um, lavatory.  Since this was my first trip to Asia I had to ask whether this was a standard feature.  Apparently, JAL has installed a new amenity in their lavs, one that I’m sure would be popular with wives and girlfriends of lazy men across the world.


  1. […] Gotta agree with her on the toilet.  And, it’s not even the best 787 toilet.  The one I experience on JAL’s 787 even goes so far as to lower the seat for you. […]

  2. […] through a cheese grater.  They have larger windows that use cutting edge technology, and the coolest lavatory feature I’ve […]

  3. Perhaps the first video I’ve ever seen of an airline toilet! 🙂

    • What rock have you been living under? 😛

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