Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 21, 2012

Review: Hyatt Harborside at Boston’s Logan International Airport

Boy, Hyatt sure did give this property a long official name.

I had a one-night stay at this property about two weeks ago, my first time staying there.  It’s located very close to Logan (BOS), but the hotel recommends calling for the shuttle to come pick you up.  I was arriving very late at night, so I suspected the wait might be longer than normal.  I decided to hoof it, since the walk was only just over a mile and I’m disgustingly out of shape based on my recent cholesterol screening and the somewhat lumpy nature here and there that has developed as my body has gotten older.

It turned out to be an easy walk and I was checked in rather efficiently and up to my room shortly after arriving.  There was a great shot of runway 14-32 from the elevator window at night, but the glare off the window made for a horrible final pic.  I grabbed one the next morning on an overcast rainy day.

The room itself was perfectly fine, a normal room on the top floor.

On a brighter day, I would have had a decent view of the Boston skyline.  But, as a diehard Yankees fan, it was just fine with me.

The hotel does not have a Diamond lounge, so Diamond members get free buffet breakfast in the main restaurant.  This was actually one of the better hotel breakfast buffets I’ve seen in a while for a mid-tier property, so a decent added benefit.  It definitely had a European flair, with plenty of meats and cheeses along with smoked salmon, fresh waffles and the normal eggs, fruit, cereal, breads, etc.

2 quick tips about this property.  First is that because it’s harborside, you don’t need to grab a regular taxi and fight through traffic.  The water taxis can take you close to most points of downtown, and they depart from right beside the hotel.  They’re quick and a good break from a normal taxi ride.

The second tip is for mileage junkies.  The hotel sells the tickets for the same price as the taxi stands, and they’ll charge them to your room.  So, a $15 ticket can yield an extra 50 points or so for a Diamond member with all the bonuses.  Not a lot of points, but no respectable mileage junkie would turn down 50 free points.


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