Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 30, 2012

Review: Hyatt 48Lex

Hyatt 48Lex is a new property that’s been open about a year or so in Manhattan.  Oddly enough, it’s located right near the corner of 48th and Lexington on the East side.  It’s only a few blocks from Grand Central.  You won’t see it from Lexington, it’s just around the corner on the Northeast corner of 48th and Lex.

I checked in pretty late so I didn’t get to use some of the services the hotel had to offer.  I had heard good things about the property, but I was pleasantly surprised by the rooms.  While they’re not huge, they’re ample by Manhattan standards.  The bedroom and desk area were both well appointed.  Obviously, being a new property helps.  The minibar was a pretty good fit for me.  It had plenty of items pre-loaded and space to add items yourself, plus no automatic sensors that charge you as soon as you move something.  I’m always pretty free with the minibar, mostly because I’m lazy.  But, it always annoys me when the gestapo runs the minibar.

The bathroom was a decent size and very bright.  Everything was white and well-lit, definitely didn’t feel like a hotel bathroom.  Hyatt has been contemplating a change to it’s amenities for a while and I remembered the Warren-Tricomi stuff from some of the test samples they sent me.  I don’t think they ended up selecting it as the final product, but it’s serviceable and beats the heck out of the white ginger Hyatts stock now.


Even though I didn’t get to use the Diamond breakfast benefit, I thought it was a decent perk.  They handed me a $50 gift card for the restaurant attached to the hotel (Brass, iirc).  While it was supposed to be for breakfast, I was told I could use the card anytime of day.  Nice bit of flexibility.

The hotel also has a pretty decent gym for a small NYC property.  All brand new equipment, obviously.

The hotel also offers a lounge on the second floor that appears to be for all guests.  When I stopped by in the evening, there was an espresso machine, some small appetizers and desserts and a hotel employee who offered to make me tea or coffee.  Definitely a nice touch.

All in all, a solid stay in a new, well-located property.  The branding reminds me a bit of Andaz with a bit less “cosmo” built in.  I would definitely return, and actually have another stay booked in about two weeks.


  1. That hotel appears to be a steal for just 15K points. I’m there in about a week myself. Great review!

    • I’m back in two weeks myself for another visit, although I wouldn’t mind trying out the newly renovated Grand Hyatt which is currently sold out. 😦

      This is a tough property to bring the kids with, since there are really no rooms to speak of with two beds and the way the property is configured I doubt there are many connecting rooms.

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