Posted by: pizzainmotion | June 10, 2012

CLEAR: Expedited Security Processing Reopens at SFO

CLEAR has arrived back in SFO, the third airport they’ve added since their assets were bought out of bankruptcy (Denver and Orlando are the other two).

Some people don’t see value in the CLEAR program since TSA has established the PreCheck program.  PreCheck is pretty awesome.  You don’t have to take your shoes or belt off and you can leave liquids and laptops inside bags.

But, there are two problems with the program as I see it.  First, it’s random.  Of the 10 times or so I’ve been in an airport where I was eligible for PreCheck, I’ve only gotten to use it 3 times.  Small sample size, but in those instances I was moved over to the regular line.  Second, it’s not in all airports (including Denver).  So, for right now, I see a big benefit in CLEAR at DEN, since I’m there every two or three weeks.

CLEAR isn’t cheap, where PreCheck is free.  There’s a pretty good discussion on Milepoint if you’re debating whether to invest in CLEAR or not.  Each airport they add makes it more valuable, IMO.


  1. […] I wrote about the benefits of both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check recently, and I still think both have their own value as we figure out who will ultimately be the winners and losers here. […]

  2. […] written in the past about my fondness for both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check.  There are plenty frequent travelers who feel otherwise.  Since I don’t […]

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