Posted by: pizzainmotion | June 22, 2012

Earn Lots of AAdvantage Miles With Hertz

American Airlines just extended a promotion I’ve been using for a while with my Hertz rentals.  The CDP # is 217692 and the PC# is 169853.  A decent amount of the time, using codes like these drive up the price of your rental, which is why I normally ignore them.  But, when I saw 4X I figured it was worth checking.  So far, I’ve been using this for the past 6 weeks or so and paying the same price or less for my rentals, which means I’m excited that AA has extended this through October.  4X miles really add up.

United has a triple mile offer out there as well, though I haven’t checked to see how the rates are when you apply the codes.  Even though it’s listed as triple miles, there are some spots where this will yield more miles than the AA offer.  United awards a set amount of miles per day (for this promo 225) plus another 50 miles per day if you’re an elite.  So, if you’re renting a very cheap car (say, $50 a day), the UA offer would still yield you 275 where AA would give you 200 miles.  UA also has a 150 mile bonus if you book on their website, but since my 6-year old daughter can build a better website than United dot bomb, it’s not worth it to me.

It doesn’t really make sense IMO to just rent cars for these miles, although some people have been successful finding ultra-cheap rates to combine with these promos in the past.  But if you are a regular traveler, these are easy miles to overlook and they add up quickly.


  1. […] the question is whether you can get better value crediting your Hertz rentals to an airline.  AA has one of the better offers I’ve seen in a while right now, with quadruple miles.  For the purposes of this comparison, let’s just assume that the rates using this discount […]

  2. […] which are rentals as well as some other add-ons like Neverlost and satellite radio.  Currently, American Airlines has a bonus offer that awards 4 miles per dollar spent on eligible charges with Hertz which I use frequently.  If I credited the rentals that earned me […]

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