Posted by: pizzainmotion | July 16, 2012

Bonus Miles for Fall AA Travel

Thanks to View From the Wing on this one.

AA is offering bonus miles for roundtrips during the fall travel season.  It doesn’t kick in until September and runs through November.  Unfortunately for me, you have to book all your travel by the middle of September.  I generally can’t book that far in advance.

I skipped by all the video stuff and just went right to the register link at the bottom with no issues.  The first two flight bonuses aren’t all that great (1,000 and 3,000 miles respectively) but the 3rd through 5th are pretty nice (6K, 9K and 11K for a total of 30K miles).

Bottom line is it probably isn’t worth moving business for one flight but if you have a bunch of travel scheduled there’s enough miles for a free ticket if you can complete 5 round-trips.

As Gary notes, some of the cheapest fares are excluded.  I do run into “N” fares from time-to time, so this is a consideration when booking.

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