Posted by: pizzainmotion | July 28, 2012

AVIS or Budget For The Next Month

No sooner did I get done writing about the value of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards then View From The Wing writes about a great opportunity to get AAdvantage miles from AVIS and Budget rentals.

The offer is only good until the end of August.  A 1-day rental yields 3000 miles.  Considering that those miles are worth about $60 (at a value of 2 cents a piece), this is one of the better deals I’ve seen in quite some time for car rentals.

If you could find a cheap daily car rental for, say, $25, and rented 6 cars (for a total of $150), you’d have 24,000 miles which is essentially a free ticket anywhere in the domestic US.  Not a bad deal.  I won’t be renting cars speculatively to accumulate miles, but I know some people who will.

There’s also an offer for 5,000 miles on rentals of 3 days or more.  Not quite as good a value, but still much better than anything else in the marketplace right now.

I’ve got a one-day rental coming up on Monday that I’ll switch to AVIS, so this is definitely influencing my travel habits for the next month.


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