Posted by: pizzainmotion | August 10, 2012

An Interesting Day For American Airlines On The Labor Front

I reported yesterday that the pilots union had rejected American Airlines offer.

And then, later yesterday, View From the Wing reported that the mechanics and store clerks had agreed to new contracts.

That just leaves the flight attendants who conclude voting on their new deal in a couple of weeks.

I think this is good news overall for American, and pretty bad news for the pilots’ union.  The pilots’ union asked their president to resign shortly after the vote.

My opinion is that if the judge was wavering on whether or not to void the union contracts (I don’t think he was) then the fact that AA has agreed to contracts with at least 2 of it’s unions will almost certainly give him more confidence that an agreement could have been reached if the pilots’ union was more willing to do so.

The general talk on Milepoint is that the pilots’ union is screwed.

I agree.


  1. […] doesn’t affect the mechanics and store clerks who agreed to new contracts very recently.  The flight attendants are currently voting on a new […]

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