Posted by: pizzainmotion | September 9, 2012

An SPG Moment At The US Open With Andre Agassi

It used to be you could just redeem your miles for airline tickets.  And hotel points for, well, hotel rooms.  And then you could redeem airline miles for hotel rooms and vice versa.  Then, merchandise crept into the picture.  Who wouldn’t want to use their miles for an LCD toaster?

Fast forward to my post a couple of weeks ago where I won a tennis lesson for my wife with Andre Agassi.  I’ve never used Starpoints for an auction before, I always thought it was a bad value.  But, this one was definitely worth every point!  We’re both pretty big Agassi fans, so we were pretty stoked to get to meet him. Add to that the fact that Mickie would be playing tennis on one of the US Open courts, and you’ve got a pretty cool morning.

My wife was still a bit scared since she hadn’t been playing much tennis.  And, even though it was super early for Andre, he was so affable.  He was alternatively encouraging, nurturing, needling, humorous in a spectacular hour.

Michelle had a bit of nerves at the beginning, so she was moving the ball around quite a bit.  After Andre had done a bit of coaching, he decided to needle Michelle a bit.  Apologies in advance for my pathetic video skills and the audio.  If you turn your speakers up, you’ll first hear Andre shout, “Oh, so you’re trying to run the old guy around?”,  then, “You’re like (Novak) Djokovich, here, there!”

Andre decided that since my wife was going to run him around the court a bit he’d get the last laugh.

This was just the beginning of an awesome day.  But, it was by far the best part.  An hour with Andre before the grounds open on the final weekend of the US Open is a moment we’ll never forget.


  1. So, so cool! I can just imagine your wife thinking to herself, “I’ve got such a great husband, but why won’t he get out of my picture with Andre?” 😉

    • Something like that! He did bring her to the net later on to work on her grip. Took his shirt off later as well, obviously affected. 😛

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