Posted by: pizzainmotion | September 10, 2012

AwardWallet Takes Another Kick In The Teeth

Award Wallet is my go-to choice for tracking all my miles and points.  I’ve enjoyed how easy it makes my job of tracking miles for the various family members I help.

A while ago, American Airlines essentially told AwardWallet to bug off and stop accessing it’s site.  I was a bit bummed, especially since AA is usually more customer friendly than it’s legacy counterparts.  I had hoped AA would reconsider.

Unfortunately, it looks like the tide is headed in the opposite direction.

AwardWallet has announced it no longer supports Delta mileage accounts based on a cease and desist letter it received from Delta.

There’s already a discussion on Milepoint.

No doubt I’m not a big Delta fan.  But, this is definitely not good news.  Here’s hoping this doesn’t start a wave of programs choosing to block access from third-party sites such as this.  I get that there could be some fundamental security issues here, but in the name of technological advancement, it seems there has to be a way to make this work.  Trying to track all my miles and points across 30 different platforms, well, sucks.



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