Posted by: pizzainmotion | September 24, 2012

Free Trial Silver Preferred Status With US Airways If You Sign Up For Club Membership

Not the greatest deal in the world, but if you’re contemplating lounge membership, this might be of value to you.

USAirways will give you Trial Silver Preferred status if you sign up for a USAirways Club membership.  Silver Preferred offers you such benefits as 25% bonus miles on flights flown, free access to the exit row and a free checked bag.

Nothing stellar, but they do normally charge $200 for the Trial Silver Preferred status.  You do get access to United Airlines clubs as well.

Some people don’t want to pay for lounge memberships, and I can’t blame them.  Call me lazy, but I enjoy my lounge memberships and always make sure to have one.

If you’re interested, you need to enter code CLBTR when you register.



  1. […] US Airways ran an offer not long ago giving away Silver status in exchange for a club membership pur….  I think the current offer will appeal to more frequent travelers with the combination of PQMs and a discount.  PQMs are better then just the trial status, as if you have already achieved Silver status (not hard to do, just fly 25K miles or 30 segments) this will help you move up to Gold, Platinum or Chairman’s. […]

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