Posted by: pizzainmotion | October 4, 2012

Lots of Bonus Dining Miles For a Short Time With US Airways (Targeted)

I vacillate back and forth about my participation in the various dining programs.  There are a few instances where a restaurant I’ve already dined at is a part of the program, so those are easy decisions.  There’s also the “surprise dine”, where you go to a restaurant for dinner and get an e-mail a few days later telling you that you earned points.  Those are always fun!  And, there are promos like this one that make it incrementally more likely I’d visit a restaurant I don’t frequent often.

This offer is targeted, though I have no idea how broadly.  And, it appears stackable with another US Airways offer I received recently:

Registration link for the 10K offer.

In theory, the combination of these two offers should induce me to dine at restaurants in the program more frequently.  And, that might be the case for the occasional business lunch.  But, I usually let my stomach decide where to go when I’m dining out for pleasure.

All that being said, earning double miles plus 1,000 bonus miles per dine is a pretty lucrative offer for those inclined to participate.

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