Posted by: pizzainmotion | October 17, 2012

Hyatt Expanding In Europe

One of the knocks on Hyatt is that they have significantly less properties than the other large hotel companies.  Starwood is the next smallest after Hyatt and they have almost double the roughly 500 properties Hyatt has.

That’s why it’s good to see them expanding in Europe.  Hyatt has announced plans for a Hyatt Place in Armenia.  Now, it’s not a luxurious full-service property, and Armenia is not currently on my radar for travel, but I like to see Hyatt fill in some gaps.  Hyatt Place has additional expansion planned soon in India and Costa Rica.  They’ve already announced Hyatt Place expansions at Amsterdam and Zurich airports, all which are nice additions to the brand.

I do prefer a full-service property when I travel (or a Hyatt House with more room and a kitchen for the kids).  But, I view these as good places for Hyatt to be expanding.  Hyatt is continuing some full-service expansion, including Park Hyatt Chennai in India.  Park Hyatt is hands-down my favorite part of the Hyatt family.  Park Hyatt in Tokyo and Washington DC are places I’ve genuinely enjoyed staying at, so it’s great to see the expansion of the Park Hyatt brand as well.


  1. I’ve always been very pleased with Hyatt Place properties. Maybe it’s not full service, but it’s better than comparable brands. This is good news.

    • Scott, I agree that these are much better than most of the comparable products in a lot of markets. I personally prefer Hyatt House to Hyatt Place, but the new build Hyatt Places (not the old Amerisuites) are pretty nice.

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