Posted by: pizzainmotion | October 29, 2012

American Airlines Makes a Good Faith Effort With The Pilots

I guess it may be a good thing I’m not in charge of American Airlines.  If I ran the airline and a judge had already told me that I could void the pilots contracts, I don’t think I’d be back at the bargaining table with the pilots.

And yet, AA is telling the pilots it is going to continue to contribute to the pilot’s retirement accounts.  Now, it’s not in the pension accounts the pilots want, it’s a 401K.  But, 11% of your base pay as a contribution to a 401K plan is pretty darn good in today’s market.

But, I’m guessing the pilots will continue to say it’s not enough.


  1. […] which isn’t a big deal.  But, AA has put a lot of thought and effort behind the changes and they’ve taken their fair share of bad press over their union negotiations.  They definitely don’t need any more bad press, and I wish this one was going better for […]

  2. […] time I think this might end positively, I get reminded how crazy these union/management relationships really […]

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