Posted by: pizzainmotion | November 6, 2012

Austin: Hyatt Regency Redux And Some Authentic Texas BBQ

Michelle and I recently took our first extended trip without the kids since our second was born.  We’d taken overnight trips without the kids, but this would be the first trip where we’d sneak away for a long weekend.   We were headed to Austin for a celebration of the 15th anniversary of LIVESTRONG.  And, since it was my wife’s first trip to BBQ country, she wanted some authentic Texas BBQ.

This was my second stay at Hyatt Regency Austin.  My first was pretty brief but yielded a nice suite upgrade.  Since the property was completely full this time I wasn’t expecting an upgrade.  I received a nice corner room on a high floor.  Slightly better than a normal room.  I would have preferred a suite since I was traveling on personal business, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The room was in good condition, comfortable enough for our two-night stay.  There was a seating area as well as a bench at the foot of the bed and a roomy desk for me to work on.


The bathrooms are a bit small and dated at this property, but serviceable.  Since I had a bit more time during this visit, I also took a quick peek at the pool and health club.  The health club was one of the nicer health clubs at a mid-level property I’ve seen in a while.  All brand new equipment, probably 20-25 total pieces.  I didn’t bring workout gear with me, but this would definitely be a reason for me to make this my preferred property in the Austin area.


If you’re a Hyatt Diamond member, this property does not have a lounge.  So, your breakfast benefit is in the main restaurant.  You can order off the menu or have the buffet.  Both times I’ve stayed here the entire charge has been removed from our bill including tip.  While I ordered off the menu (breakfast burrito, add Chorizo, mmmm), my wife went for the buffet.  Along with the standard buffet you can also make your own breakfast tacos.  All in all, I’ve had nothing but good experiences here with the breakfast restaurant.

Since we were on a tight schedule, we couldn’t venture far for good BBQ.  A good friend who lives in Austin, Ben, told us he had a great place, one recommended highly by another friend of ours.  So, off we set to Iron Works for some lunch.  Now, this isn’t back woods, cult-like following BBQ that View From the Wing espoused recently.  But, it was a pretty darn good meal.  The place is decked out like most Texas BBQ joints, in that it’s pretty simple, paper plates, plastic silverware.  After all, you’re here for the meat, not a pretty tablecloth.


You place your order with someone from the kitchen before you pay.  As you can see, there was a healthy slab of brisket just calling our name when we got there.

We sampled most of the menu.  I left feeling that the pork ribs were probably the best part.  Unfortunately, the brisket was a touch overcooked.  The chicken was decent, but the pork ribs really topped the charts for me.  For the beloved Randy Petersen who was dining with us as well, it would appear he had a hankering for beef ribs.

This picture just screams to be captioned, “Go ahead.  Try me.  This rib is MINE!”

I’ve got some more pics from the LIVESTRONG event that I’ll post at another time, but after that menacing meat picture I felt like we needed to end on a high note.  What trip wouldn’t be complete without a glass of sparkling wine?


  1. Thanks for the wonderful weekend away sweetie!

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