Posted by: pizzainmotion | November 7, 2012

More Holiday Shopping Deals. USAirways Offering Bonuses Via Their Shopping Portal

It looks like US Airways has now started rolling out some holiday offers in their shopping portal.

I don’t see too many stellar values, but Under Armour is now 6 miles per dollar instead of 3.  If you’re in the market for a laptop, Lenovo is 4 miles/$ instead of 2.  You can even get 6 miles per dollar for shoes (including UGGs) at Online Shoes.

Like I said, no truly awesome deals, though 6 miles per dollar for shoes is decent.  And, some of the recent AAdvantage deals I wrote about a few days ago are better.  But, if Dividend Miles is your preferred flavor, then there’s some value here.


  1. I like the shoes online deal! Hint hint ! Uggs are so comfy;-).

    • Sure, NOW she decided to read my blog. 😛

  2. […] Shopping portals are a great way to increase your mileage earning.  Not only do the portals provide you with extra miles for purchases you were already going to make, but they also offer periodic bonuses that make certain vendors an even better offer. […]

  3. I’m waiting for one of those mega bonus offers on the shopping portals then I will happily jump on that wagon.

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