Posted by: pizzainmotion | December 8, 2012

StarMegaDO4: Walking Around Zurich

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Before the giant cheese and meat feast began I took some time to walk around Zurich. This was my first trip to Zurich and I hadn’t done any research so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was a cloudy day with some sprinkles of rain but it was still warm enough to have a good walk and explore.  I’ll let the pictures do most of the explaining.



IMG_2946 IMG_2948 IMG_2949


While we were walking around Zurich we wandered by a store that my daughter would have loved.  Every single item in the store was made of or from gummy bears.  This was the window display.


I couldn’t help myself.  I ended up spending about 18 CHF (Swiss Francs, or roughly $20 dollars) on a heart-shaped pizza for my daughter.  First time I ever recall spending $20 on gummy bears.


IMG_2956 IMG_2957 IMG_2963 IMG_2966

The last picture is the Zurich train station.  We took a quick walk over to that as one of our last stops before buying an obscene amount of Swiss chocolate.  I’ve always enjoyed how noble old train stations seem, especially in Europe.  Zurich was no exception.


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