Posted by: pizzainmotion | January 17, 2013

Tell Me What You Think Of American Airlines’ New Livery And Enter A Drawing To Win An AA Systemwide Upgrade

Trying out a poll for the first time.  To celebrate, I’ll be giving away either a systemwide upgrade (SWU) on American Airlines.  These are valid on pretty much every fare.  I may switch this to a free flight in the domestic US on American Airlines (I may end up with another extra free ticket to give away, TBD).  But, at a minimum I’ll be giving away a free SWU.

How do you win?  Just vote in the poll and leave a comment about why you voted the way you did.

The contest will be open until 11:59pm EST on Friday, January 25th with a winner announced shortly thereafter.  Good luck! 

What do people think of American Airlines’ New Livery? (scroll down for poll)

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.42.31 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.45.38 AM


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Some Quick Thoughts On American Airlines’ New Livery


  1. I like the fresh modern logo, but not really into the tail design too much. It’s not quite unique and reminds me of other airlines.

    • Tri, I really can’t figure out if I like the tail or not.

  2. I like it a lot because it represents the American flag in an artistic way.

  3. I’m sure it will grow on me but I like…..don’t love it for now.

  4. The stylized Eagle logo is appealing, but the rest is kinda pedestrian.

  5. The tail is just weird – decidedly too bold.

  6. It looks nice and modern, but the red stripe on the bottom just looks messy.

  7. I really like the new font and I am glad they got rid of the non-painted sheet metal. I always thought it looked cheap and would blind you when the sun hit it right.

  8. i loved it simply because i was soooo tired of the old livery….so so so tired of it

  9. I just don’t see the point in spending money on repainting the planes. If a merger goes through, they’ll just have go through it again.

  10. I like it, but it makes me think of Captain America. No sure if that’s good or bad.

  11. The website is being refurbished as I’m typing this. I think it’s gonna be for the better.

  12. I love the eagle, and appreciate the boldness of the tail, but I wish they had been able to blend the tail into the rest of the fuselage, and that they’d found a way to incorporate the AA.

    • Tom, no question the tail stands starkly against the rest of the design. Definitely why I’m having trouble warming up to it. Until you said it, I hadn’t realized I missed the AA part. But, you’re right, that also makes a difference to me.

  13. I like, but don’t love. Maybe I was just thinking it could be so much worse so I’m glad I wasn’t appalled?

  14. Love polishing the brass in the Titantic

  15. Hate the tail.

    • PH, I’m not quite at hate yet. But, I’m getting closer. 🙂

  16. Well, it’s not “grabbing” me, but it’s not offending me either. Too bad, though, because any new design is an opportunity to put forth something truly forward thinking and amazing.

  17. Well, it’s not “grabbing” me, but it’s not offending me either. Too bad, though, because any new design is an opportunity to put forth something truly forward thinking and amazing.

  18. I like it but I don’t love it! That is a weird tail!

  19. It’s probably better not to have a tail like the new design, if an airplane would be delayed for some mysterious reason, or its workers all hope to be merged by another airline.

  20. I like the font. And the old logo was looking pretty dated

  21. Funny tail thing, but I like changes now and then.

  22. Love the typeface and eagle, don’t love the tail.

  23. The tail is ‘kinda’ interesting, but the eagle is generic.

  24. May be a little too patriotic for the times we live in.

  25. I wouldn’t get it as a tattoo, but I’d let someone else get it as a tattoo.

  26. I like it but I don’t love it. It’s about time AA came up with modern logo with red and blue stripes, but since it incorporates US design as well I don’t love it!

  27. Kinda lame….

  28. The logo looks great, but the tail sure is ugly now. Yuck.

  29. I like the classic look – it has history and tradition behind it.

  30. So far I like the look, but I’m not in love with it. I need to see it in person to make a final decision. I am more a fan of the new logo than of the new tail.

  31. Contrary to most people I think the tail brings AA into the modern era. Where I think they messed up is the logo. Looking at all the previous logos I think they might have gone a little too “artistic” in the eagle interpretation…

  32. It looks good & refreshing to see something different.

  33. I do like the new look but don’t love it. The logo looks more modern plus like the graphics on the airline tail.

  34. I like it, but, could have been better!

  35. Not bad, I like the stylized eagle.

  36. I think it’s terrible. It’s way too busy for no reason. The old one was clean and simple!

  37. I don’t mind the fuselage, but the tail is hideous. It looks like a low cost carrier trying to be outrageous to get publicity.

  38. I like it but I dont love it – its too retro for my taste. Not a fan of the new font!

  39. I think it looks fine, but they could have done better.

  40. I think the new look is snappy, but I wonder why they are using the money on the outside “paint job” rather than improve the inside of the plane? Also if they are close to merging with US Air and US Air becomes the dominant airline, won’t the planes look change again?

  41. I like the painted silver body, but the tail design looks odd to me

  42. Love the front, but the tail leaves something to be desired.

  43. I like the eagle beak a great deal!

  44. It reminds me of Colgan Air paint scheme. Which is now a defunct airline.

  45. I don’t dislike the livery, I think it’s great that AA is trying to incorporate the flag into the tail design. It will be very distinctive at overseas airports amongst foreign flag carriers. It says “American” instantly in a bold, Texas-style way, which is pretty cool.

  46. I love it. It seems to have more energy than the previous design.

  47. Like the new bird but just not sold on the livery, something about it just doesnt appeal to me.

  48. The new logo looks cool but im not liking the livery. Something about it does not appeal to me.

  49. I think it looks new and fresh. It feels forward-looking, rather than dwelling on the difficult past.

  50. I’m OK with the logo. Don’t love it but willing to accept change. The tail art on the other hand is just tacky. I’m fine with the grey plane and the American…just do something different with the tail. Maybe incorporated the AA which is so iconic

  51. It is bold. It makes me feel proud!

  52. I like it, but i will have to grow on me

  53. I like the look. It is modern. crisp. bold. It makes me feel proud to be American.

  54. It’s not live at first sight, but I like it.

  55. I like it at first glance, but the tail may or may not look good in person. Will reserve judgement until I see one in person.

  56. It’s too modern looking for me.

  57. The tail is messy to my eyes. I like the logo!

  58. Change always takes time to get used to. This is an improvement.

  59. I like it but do miss the clean metal look. Classy!

  60. Love it. Think it’s up there on the list of best looking liveries in the industry.

  61. I definitely feel that people had an attachment to the old look, but I think the new one is pretty sleek looking!

  62. I don’t like the new tail, keep the old logo

  63. Keep the metal and the old logo. I don’t like the new look at all.

  64. I think it’ll grow on me, but I certainly don’t mind the new look, especially when it comes to the airport and other non-plane aspects of it.

  65. If I wanted nationalist propaganda, I’d fly a different airline

  66. I’m lukewarm on it… all I can think of is that it could have been worse. 🙂

  67. It’s OK. The front of the plane doesn’t really match the tail, and the tail is a bit too much

  68. I like it. It’s not awful.

  69. It’s fine, but I doubt I would have even noticed the difference if it hadn’t been pointed out to me.

  70. Not particularly thrilled with the new logo, especially the tail colors. There’s not even any brand identification!

  71. It definitely highlights American using the flag! Curious if this fleet will be rolled into the USAir fleet, or vice versa if the merger occurs.

    • I heard if there’s a merger, they would keep the AA brand. That might be an excuse to change the tail design a bit.

  72. I like it but don’t love it. It’s pretty simplistic in it’s design. I have seen worse but it’s not my favorite. However, in reality service and flight is what matters to me. If if looked like a literal piece of poop but had great prices and service that would be fine with me

  73. I wanted something bolder. More exciting and unique. Feels boring and not really attention getting.

  74. I’ve got to join those who hate the tail

  75. Not a big fan of the new logo. To me it feels like it lacks a little class. But hey maybe I’m old school and still like the TV/Movie images of the past that are ingrained from my childhood.

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  77. Rarely, do I feel, designers look at the entire canvas when designing something in the third dimension and this ridiculously large. I definitely think they were successful here pulling it together as a cohesive design nose to tail and wrapped around.

    • Jessica, while this may be the most cohesive answer I’m not sure if the T&C will allow you to be a winner. 😛

  78. I like it; however, AA should improve their award booking service to include more partner flights

  79. I like it , but I don’t love it. For me, there is still a strange look about that tail!

  80. Not bad. Could grow on me.

  81. Too bold for my taste

  82. I love & will miss the unpainted aluminum.

  83. I don’t fly on a plane because they have a neat paint job.

  84. I agree with Ron B

  85. I don’t mind it but I really liked the old. Yay for SWU!

  86. I like the new vertical/tail logo with the eagle head, but the actual paint job on the planes… not so much.

  87. The new logo is too dramatic of a change. Too big of a break from tradition.

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  89. I like the stark difference from before…I’m a fan

  90. It’s almost there, but the new tail logo sucks, blows, and does it all over again because it has no self esteem and knows it’s ugly. Imho… it could work if it were reversed. Put the eagle/Amtrak/Greyound/USPS looking badge thingy on the tail and then incorporate the American Flag as a cheatline or do it billboard style but really incorporated into the fuselage with subtler colors. It reminds me too much of British Airways, Lauda Air, and Cubana all crapped up and rolled into one.

  91. I love the new look, the unpainted silver planes looked cheap and ugly. The bold US colors on the tail really stand out and many who have never heard of the airline will at least know it’s an american flight.

  92. At first I didn’t like it very much, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, especially the tail and the font. The blue/red logo with the eagle still needs to grow on me a little more, though.

  93. I like it but don’t love it. Honestly, the paint job on a plane has very little impact on my bottom line!

  94. It would have been better to leave the tail a bit more toned down. The rest I like, especially the website.

  95. The new colors are certainly unique, and I could not have done better, but not sure it is the best they could have done.

  96. I like it, but don’t love it. The tail logo is very bold, but, probably too flashy for my taste.

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