Posted by: pizzainmotion | February 28, 2013

What Makes a Moment? Video of My Wife Playing Tennis With Andre Agassi. Thanks, Starwood Preferred Guest!

I had one of my best point redemptions of all time last year when I redeemed a trunk load of Starwood Preferred Guest points for a tennis lesson with Andre Agassi at the US Open.  My wife was the lucky participant and we had an awesome experience.

I got some video at the event but it was pretty bad.  While I was investigating a new SPG Moments auction earlier today I found a link to a video that shows Andre giving my wife (in green, looking awesome) a quick lesson at the net along with a few other video clips of her.  The funnier part for me is at the very end of the video.  While you can’t see Michelle, Andre is running around the court making fun of her saying, “Oh, you’re trying to run me, huh?  Aggh!”  Classic!


An SPG Moment At The US Open With Andre Agassi

An SPG Moment:  Men’s Semifinal Tennis At The US Open

SPG Moments At The US Open: A Quick Spin Through The Goody Bag



  1. The miles & points hobby: Making what otherwise wouldn’t be possible, possible. (Or sometimes taking the sting out of what’s required.)

    Could be aspirational hotel properties at out-of-the-way exotic locations. Or practical trips with family or emergency trips required by family or friends circumstances. Or, once in a lifetime experiences.

    Nicely played, Ed.

    • PH, all of the above! It’s great to have memories. You’re absolutely right about taking the sting out of things as well. That’s why I’m a bit of a points pack rat, just in case of emergencies.

  2. very nice, put a smile on my face and I watched it 2x.


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