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Are You Earning Miles When You Purchase A Bikini? Lingerie?


No, I’m sure women readers don’t want me giving them advice about swimwear and lingerie.  Nor do I think my wife wants me giving other women such advice.  It’s more just a quick tidbit to emphasize that you can earn miles for a wide variety of things if you just take a few minutes to figure out how.






Palm-print bandeau bikini

Palm-print bandeau bikini (Photo credit: …love Maegan)


Both the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal and the United Mileage Plus shopping portal offer 2 miles per dollar spent on purchases at Victoria’s Secret.  If you hold the Ink Bold card, their Ultimate Rewards mall offers 2 miles per dollar as well.  My wife just gave me two bathing suits to order from Victoria’s Secret for her.  A couple of quick clicks and I was purchasing the suits she intended to buy and earning an extra 2 miles per dollar for doing so.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 10.19.26 PM

It might not seem like those 2 miles on a bathing suit purchase are worth that much, but if you were going to buy it anyway, why not max out your miles?  A few miles here, a few miles there, all of a sudden you’ll have enough for a free ticket.

This concludes my bikini and lingerie public service message.  Your normal broadcast will return shortly….











  1. So will you follow up with photos 🙂 Last year we really cashed in on the Nordstrom Avios deal. Mrs P. bought swim suits and a few other things and that basically earned us enough miles for 2 tickets to Cancun.

    • Perryplatypus, do you really think readers want to see me in a bikini? 😛

      Nice score on the Nordstrom deal.

  2. Are their also burning opps with this? 🙂

    • greek, I thought they stopped burning bras in the 70s. 😛

  3. Is this a poorly-disguised attempt to increase traffic for your blog? If so, I’m all for it.

    • John, I’m going to be trying to incorporate soft porn into many future posts in the hopes of boosting traffic. 😉

      • I thought this was a family friendly blog. I’m shocked. While we’re talking swimwear, how about a wet burka contest? That might be “soft” enough.

        • You find the pictures and I’ll try to find a way to make them travel related. 🙂

          Regards, Edward Pizzarello

          Sent from my iPhone

  4. Gregg Easterbrook tries to be an erudite NFL commentator on, and his weekly articles during the NFL season usually have some gratuitous excuse why the article needs to include a salacious (though PG-13) NFL cheerleader photo. I suppose I wouldn’t object to your blog going down the same gutter…. 🙂

    • PH, I endeavor to achieve your expectations of me. 😀

      Regards, Edward Pizzarello

  5. […] Don’t forget to earn miles for bikinis and lingerie. […]

  6. Unfortunately, I have not found Victoria’s Secret gift cards at my local office supply store. So sad. But I have looked!

    But these are super serious mileage earning opportunities. No joke. Earlier this month, I bought a bunch of stuff at Sephora and got 13 United miles per dollar and even wrote a detailed explanation about miles earning opportunities at Sephora 🙂

    Glad to see the men are concerned about this too.

    • 5X on lingerie would be great, though I might go broke taking advantage of it for my wife. 🙂

      • Not to worry! Amazon has Victoria’s Secret gift cards so you can get 5 points per dollar with Chase Freedom in fourth quarter. Just in time for Christmas!

        • Why wait that long for lingerie? I can use my Ink Bold now to buy Amazon cards at Staples.

          • Unfortunately, you can’t use Amazon gift cards to pay for other merchants’ gift cards at Amazon. Unless you order lingerie from Amazon, but that’s not Victoria’s Secret, of course! 🙂

            • Or Gilly Hicks, my other go-to lately. Oh, well. I’ll just have to settle for 2X from the portals. Could be worse. 🙂

              Regards, Edward Pizzarello

              Sent from my iPhone

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