Posted by: pizzainmotion | April 12, 2013

When Do We Get The Dreamliner Back?

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Thanks to my good friend Kevin for sending along this video to remind me I’m really ready for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to start flying again.  This is footage from the 2012 Farnborough air show where an ex F-18 pilot gets to take the Dreamliner for a little spin.


I Heart The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and I’m ready for the FAA to give her back.

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  1. The combat takeoff is remarkable, but the initial takeoff was even more amazing to me… tough to figure out without scale and with such aspect distortion just how LITTLE of the runway was necessary for the lightly loaded plane to take off. Last 10 seconds were funny, too.. did your friend want to make a point about his suffering standing on an ant hill to get this video?

  2. […] When Do We Get The Dreamliner Back? ( […]

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