Posted by: pizzainmotion | May 8, 2013

Meh. CLEAR Coming To San Antonio

I’ve been a proponent of CLEAR for quite some time.  I’ve been hoping for 2 things:

1.  More integration with TSA Pre-Check.  They did this in Denver recently and it makes a nice difference when the Pre-Check line is a bit long on the morning.  As TSA expands the number of eligible passengers for Pre-Check, the lines have gotten a bit longer.  They definitely move a ton faster and are more convenient than a regular line, but the CLEAR integration in Denver makes life easier in the mornings.

2.  More airports rolled out as part of CLEAR.  They’re only in a handful of airports which makes the value proposition a thin one.

That’s why I was excited to see this subject line in my inbox, “CLEAR’s newest airport is…..”.

Bleh.  Non-event.  Sure, I go through San Antonio a couple of times a year.  But, I have yet to see anyone in line at security.  Even at peak times.

CLEAR is valuable, but not relevant.  They need ubiquity quickly in the domestic US or I’m afraid it will die.  Again.


  1. While it has been a year since I flew through SAT, I have vivid and irrepressible memories of 30-45 minute lines snaking through ticketing. This has been for early AM Monday flights, so I can see how Clear might help there. But I agree with you: they need to expand more. Like to NYC.

    • Interesting, Dave. I’ve been through there half a dozen times or so in the past year. Mostly morning departures. Last time I flew out there were 2 people in the elite line. Nobody was in the regular line so the TSA agent covering that line flagged me over. My flights are all UA/AA, so T2. Maybe the other terminal is busier?

  2. […] Meh. CLEAR Coming To San Antonio […]

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